Week 9: Never quite prepared for each step of this journey

IMG_0115The day after surgery….Tucker woke up to his good eye swollen shut.  We are so pleased with the outcome of the surgery that we are actually good with the swollen eye.  He is in a lot of pain and his right side is very weak.  Tucker seems to be a little nervous about the backslide of his condition and asked me to pray with him.  Second day out of surgery and Tucker’s right side was a little stronger and he seemed less confused.  We graduate from Shepherd tomorrow, move into an apartment provided by Shepherd Center and start at Pathways on Tuesday.  We are both a little nervous, but I know God will give Tucker and me the strength we need!  Graduation Day!  Tucker was sad to say goodbye to his Therapists, Doctors and Nurses.  He gave each one of them a big hug, then peddled his wheelchair as fast as he could to the elevator.  We are one-step closer to coming home!!  First day at Pathways Rehab was awesome!  We loved the Therapists, Doctors and Nurses.  Tucker was apprehensive meeting everyone, but it went well and they sent the same message home…..”let the games begin”!  Rehab will be tough but they have added an important ingredient for the Anderson family….humor!  We seem to operate best under these conditions.  Tucker’s headaches are to a minimum and the swelling is better everyday!  The adjustment at Pathways is amazing and I am enjoying the moment!

“I’m never quite prepared for each step this journey has taken, and sometimes that’s a good think and other times it’s a little scary!”  –  Trust in the Lord.

First day at Pathways Rehab….”Let the games begin”

“The Anderson Family seems to operate best with the important ingredient of …..humor”

Throughout this journey there will be good days and bad days.  Every patient recovers at a different rate and speed.  Even when all things are going well….brace yourself for the bump in the road….it’s right around the corner!!