Week 7: Faith, hope and positive thinking!

photo7We would love prayers this week for Tucker’s right eye to open, also for him to be able to walk and speak more clearly.  He is working daily to improve these tasks but still has a long journey ahead of him. We know with your prayers and God’s grace Tuck will get there!

Tucker was cleared to eat all foods in the hospital today which is great news, but our boy has developed a HUGE fixation on water, to the tune of consuming up to 3 gallons of SMART water a day, along with all other beverages with meals. And we know what goes in, must come out!  We have been VERY BUSY!

Exciting day for Tuck this week…He went on an outing with several patients and his therapists’ team to a strip mall for some shopping.  Tucker made a purchase, but informed me that it is a secret! One of the therapist mentioned that Tucker bought something for Todd and I.  Too Sweet!!

Speaking of Faith, Hope and positive thinking, Tucker asked the neuro psychologist if he could go back to school in the spring, if not, should he get a job??  What an amazing and brave young man!

The upcoming bone flap surgery has Tuck a bit nervous, but he continues to say, “It will be OK, I know I have to do it.”  We have so much to be thankful for! Thank-you, thank-you for all your precious prayers and messages.  Love to all!