Week 6: Tucker is up on a treadmill walking

Watch video of Tucker walking with his father, Todd

As we know, Tucker’s goal is for every piece of foreign material attached to him to be GONE, so we have high hopes for the neckbrace to come off and for the feeding tube to be removed this week.

The beginning of the week started with quite a pleasant surprise…One of Tuck’s therapists threw us a bone after noticing Tucker’s fixation on eating out and we were off to Chick Filet followed by a trip to the Japanese Steakhouse the next night. Tuck was amazing!

In a physical therapy session they had Tucker up on a treadmill walking, in a harness with stimuli on his right leg to trigger the muscles to fire…How exciting!
Hooray!!!!  ..you quessed it, the neckbrace is gone as well as the feeding tube! After Dr. Vox announced that the feeding tube was coming out, Tucker got right into bed, pulled up his shirt and stuck out his stomach! Was he ready or what??

So Tucker has set his departure date and has discussed it with his doctor. Our date for returning home has been set for Thanksgiving. He has even started to talk about his upcoming surgery to replace the skull flap.  Our boy is ready for it all!!