Week 4: Tucker has started a restless stage of healing

Friday, September 28- Wednesday, October 3, 2012

photo8It has now been three weeks since the accident. Wow! So hard to believe. Tucker understands more and more each day and will do what is asked of him, if he can. He is still unable to speak or eat solid foods; his tongue and swallowing need strengthening. Tucker’s cough is still an issue as is the weakness in his right side. He is now enjoying getting into his wheelchair and leaving his hospital room, whenever possible. Tucker will point at the door until you put him in his wheelchair so he can leave the room! On the other hand, his frustration with the helmet, feeding tubes, and trach are a constant battle as is his inability to speak. He will grab and yank anything alien to him, and it takes an army to remove his grip. You simply cannot take your eyes off of him for a second.

Tucker did manage to watch the Ryder Cup over the weekend and even put two hands together ….like he was swinging a golf club. Travis and Todd returned home for the first time since the accident; Stacey has worked out schedules with friends and family to help her with Tucker’s recovery while Todd is at work during the week. One person is simply not enough since Tucker is so strong and determined!  Each time he removes the trach is a setback, so they have assigned a constant guard to watch him. If the trach can stay capped for 72 hours, and he doesn’t remove it, then it can be removed!  Tuck has also had casts placed from his knee to his toes on both legs and is handling them well. Hopefully, the casts will only be on his legs for a few days. He even walked, with assistance from his therapists, down the hall and back. The therapists have worked constantly with strengthening the facial muscles and his swallowing, so by the end of the week, they were able to help him to eat his first solid foods in three weeks; a little applesauce and vanilla pudding.  He also was able to be wheeled outside into the gardens and enjoy the fall air and visits with the therapy dog. He loves dogs! Tucker also has managed to “say” his first words, “good morning”, and he blew a kiss to his mother!

Tucker is starting a restless stage of healing similar to Alzheimer’s patients. He will work hard with the therapists but seems to become easily frustrated and irritated at times; he has no idea how well he is progressing. He will work hard one day and then have an off day the next. Scary! His heart rate and blood pressure dropped at one point, so they ordered IV fluids which helped. He seems to recognize when he “shuts down” because afterwards, he has begun to give hugs, his famous backrubs, and will also hold your hand or wink at you. Such a wonderful feeling! He is also starting to play “War” and a few games. When Stacey stares at Tucker while he sleeps, she is so filled with gratitude and awe that God is healing their precious Tucker!

So much has changed for the family. Priorities have shifted “for the better” and all have grown closer while praying and working together to help Tucker with his recovery. The power of prayer is evident. When faced with fears, all have prayed for miracles. Tucker loves to pray with his family, and prayers are being answered. God is healing Tucker!