Week 2: We’ve made it through the critical days

photo10With the first week under our belts, we are ready to hear the list of Tucker’s injuries, so we can access the help he will need to have a complete recovery.  The hospital has been amazing, but not able to deal with the progress he is making.  We need to be at a TBI (traumatic brain injury) Rehab Facility.  Research starts…….we are ALL on it!!  Meeting with doctors, options and advice.  We find the perfect fit for us and start the ball rolling for his acceptance into a rehab facility, flight arrangements and pending family departures as they all have to get back to life “one by one”!  Very Hard!!  I am lucky….I will not return home until Tucker can come with me – as long as it takes.  Todd is in complete agreement.  Tucker needs a voice and I am it!! Preperations for transfer to rehab are:  feeding tube, screen near the heart for blood clots, off the ventilator.  No one prepares you for the constant suctioning of Tucker’s lungs through the trac…..very hard to watch, looks like he’s having a seizure.  We are battling pneumonia.

“Our last visit of the day started out slow, but we noticed improvements…. all things worth while, take time”

“Thank you for following Tucker’s journey towards a full recovery.   We are blessed to have our family and friend’s support.”

“I don’t believe that God makes things happen to us to make us change, I DO believe that when tragedy strikes, he shows us the way to better fill our lives with his purpose and live up to his expectations for our lives”!

Make sure that you are comfortable with your nurses.  Make requests for the nurses that you feel most comfortable with!!  Arrange a schedule for family and friends to come for visits, hopefully “One at a Time”.  Space them out!  Support is essential.  Focus is on your loved one, but in the brief moment of stillness, its nice to have a loved one by your side.  Bring in pictures and familiar sounds, music, items from their life.  Anything to spark memories. Getting more consistant responses to questions, squeezing hands, thumbs up and blinks for yes and no answers.  Moving to Shepherd Rehab…..we have great expectations!!