Week 3: Tucker’s consciousness seems to improve daily

Big week!!

IMG_0046Tucker’s consciousness seems to improve daily.  He still struggles to clear his lungs.  He was able to grasp a ball and toss it and put a cap on his head……small, but mighty tasks.  He is wearing his own clothes and pj’s.  It’s so good to see him out of the hospital gowns.  As he becomes more aware, our job gets a little tougher.  Tucker continually tries to remove all tubes and has successfully removed his feeding tube.  He will have surgery in the morning to have a new one put in.  We keep him busy by squeezing a rubber ball or thumb wrestling.  His sense of humor is showing through and we love seeing it.  He has spelled his name on an alphabet board and can make “bed to wheelchair” transfers with the help of nurses instead of the machine- harness and sling.  His right eye has shown the first sign that he may have vision.  It was mighty exciting when the pupil reacted to light.

“We are praying hard with Tucker for a full recovery”

“As hard as it is to watch Tucker struggle, it’s so much worse when we are apart”

“I can’t imagine how scary it is for Tucker, as his brain starts to heal and his body and voice are unable to respond”

Our caring bridge has been an incredible source of therapy and has kept our loved ones well informed.  Knowing we are in all their thoughts and prayers helps push us forward each day.  Spending time with Tucker and watching his steady progress, keeps our hopes high and our expectations great….even with the set-backs.  The positive energy of the doctors, therapists and Tucker is contagious.  We are focused on the road to recovery and refuse to look back or veer from our course.