Week 21: Do not forget to praise him!

Week 21 pic

Tucker’s physical therapy is going great. When he started 3 weeks ago, he could balance on his right leg on the ½ ball for 9 seconds. Now he is up to 90 seconds. Every drill they have given him has improved immensely.
Tucker and I are falling into our new schedule together with new therapists and a new routine. It is just as rigid as the last but we are home every night.
The evenings seem to be the hardest times but the mornings are always brighter.
Tucker still seems to have blurred vision.
In the afternoon, Tucker played many games on the computer and worked on his worksheets.
“It is easy to point out all of the deficits and areas of improvement but do not forget the praise!”
“He is not a saint, rather a precious soul who is thankful for another chance at life!”
“I am so proud of him. New goals are set each week and I know Tucker will do all he can to meet them.”

I need to compliment Tucker every day. He needs to hear how well he is doing daily.
Tucker has a precious heart for the Lord and loves to share it!

Tuck always enjoyed math and I hate for him to miss a year of it so he is now working with his former tutor…Since she knows him so well, she noted that all of the information is there and he just needs to keep it organized. We will do 2- 1 hour sessions a week!

It is so great to see Tucker smile and laugh. The smile lines are back around BOTH of his eyes. Before long, his dimple will be back on his right cheek…the changes are small but they KEEP coming!