Week 20: No one said life was going to be easy!

Tucker’s speech therapy went fantastic because they used muscle stimulant electrodes on his face. It was wonderful to see those beautiful crinkles around his right eye and dimple on his right cheek! Unfortunately, when they took the electrodes off, his speech slowly faded. We will use local therapist for electrode stimulation and physical therapist on Mondays and Fridays and Jacksonville doctors on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Tuck is also working a good 3 ½ hours on the computer with brain teasers to keep the brain stimulated by working the different areas of the brain. Click here to watch video

“We have so many blessings in our lives; no one said this life was going to be easy! We can either dwell on all of the tough times, missed opportunities, mistakes, or thank God for our MANY blessings and praise Him for all of the great things in our lives! I will take the latter!

Tucker’s eyes welled up with tears as he pointed to heaven. How could I have been so blind? He has been begging me all along to find therapy at home and not go to Jax. “ He would not save me and not heal me, and I know we will find therapy here at home!” I will admit, I was scared…the comments about Tucker’s brain resembling “drying cement” and the “clock ticking”, made my stomach turn. I don’t want to ever miss a sign.

“Tucker may have the brain injury, but he helps me every day as much as I help him!”

We will take one week at a time until we cannot do it anymore..then we will go to another plan.

Tucker and I picked up Weezy ( the big dog that he loves) to keep her for a week. We can only hope that Weezy will get Tucker through the trips to Jax this week!

I think that mental fatigue takes a toll on them as much as the physical. I will make a mental note to bring snacks to rehab, especially when he has been working all morning.
We had our morning devotion and said our prayers…gaining strength from heaven  above.