Week 19: When will this journey come to a close?


We have been told that Tucker’s recovery will be slow now. Some days we notice big differences, his posture is better, his speech is clearer, he is putting on weight, and his hair is growing back. He looks more like himself every week. The hardest part now, is choosing the right plan for rehab. Every new therapist we meet has new information, techniques, websites for brain teasers, and iPad apps. I do feel that Tuck is being pushed. He is very adamant about being at home with local therapists and not traveling to Jacksonville. A positive attitude from Tuck is very important during this process. I pray for clarity in making these huge decisions in Tucker’s life.
As I write day 126 I wonder when this journey will come to a close. At what point will Tucker consider himself completely recovered? I believe we all continue to grow (hopefully improving) every day.

We have gathered strength from God throughout this experience. We pray very often and look to Him for comfort, strength, and advice. Tucker sees signs from him daily. We witnessed a horrific car accident this week, involving the truck next to us in traffic. It rolled over after being hit and ended up behind us. We felt the air impact in our vehicle. We pulled over, held hands, prayed, and cried. Our hearts were breaking, lives were just altered, futures changed. It happens every day. Tuck took this as one of those signs. We are not supposed to be in Jacksonville, but close to home and safe.