Week 18: Sense of humor, tremendous peace…

Week 18

On the road again! Wow, what a busy week! We have had workouts, DINNER WITH FRIENDS, occupational therapy, NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, speech therapy, PUTTING CONTESTS, a cranial massage, LUNCH WITH FRIENDS, doctors visits, and CARD GAME MARATHONS!! This is a very emotional time in our journey. Tucker is getting his independence back as he improves daily. His sight and speech and improving, but the doctors tell us that the brain is like cement, and the cement will dry 6 months from his injury. The goal is to get his brain to refigure things, redirect, and create new paths. Now, we have to make sure that we choose the right doctors and therapy programs that motivate Tucker.
We have had big adjustments as Tucker reaches every new goal. After pushing so hard for him to gain independence back, it never occurred that I would struggle when he was able to do things without me. God did not save our Tuck for me to keep him all to myself!

We gathered strength this week from our friends. Tuck has become very social and our friends have surrounded us with invitations. It is great to hear how much they think he is improving. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are around him so much. I am always excited for them to see the prayers at work! Tucker is truly the one that keeps us all so positive. With his sense of humor, tremendous peace, and positive attitude, he is certainly a blessing from God!