Week 16 – 17: New motivational goals to push Tucker forward

Week 16 and 17

Returning home, after the tough schedule he endured at Sheperds, brought a huge sense of accomplishment.  Tucker was thrilled to be in his own bed and surrounded by friends, family and the comforts of home.  It was a joyous time but we were not home to relax, simply to start a new path with the neuro rehab program.  As parents we had to stay steadfast.  We knew the journey had just begun, but the hiring of new therapist, new schedules, and new goals caused hesitation and anxiety for everyone.  We had to encourage and create new motivational goals and push him forward with a bit of tough love.
When a person suffers brain a injury the relationship they establish with the therapy team must be trusting or they will not give it their all.  I would suggest interviewing several to see with whom your child connects, this connection has a direct correlation with their success.  We were flexible to add or eliminate the professionals to create a great team.  It is about the drive of the patient to succeed with that therapist, so select wisely.

His daily schedule evolved into working out in the gym with a trainer, speech therapy, and physical therapy.  We also began cranial massages to stimulate the nerves in his face for his semi closed eye and speech. When he was home, and not working one on one with a therapist, he did exercises to stimulate the neuron receptors such as brainteasers on the computer and X Box.  He started going to the golf course with his Dad and interacting socially with old friends.

“You are cute but I am not winking at you. My right eye hasn’t opened yet.”
“Suck it up and stay on your game!”
“The Lord is giving me a second chance.”

We gathered strength from being transparent with each other.  Being honest and real when someone is having a tough day.  We all took turns nurturing the other and this created such an amazing bond.  We had to   fight human nature to control things and turn the big decisions over to the Lord.  Trust, trust & trust.