Week 15: A heart stopping moment for my husband and I


Oh my….I cannot believe we are on week 15.  Our son’s wedding is around the corner and Tucker will be making the best man toast.  Hard to believe he will be walking down the isle, with out assistance and making a toast. Speech is difficult, but with rehearsals and much concentration, I know he will do well.   The right eye has not opened fully, but Tuck’s double fist pump let’s us all know that his vision is improving daily.  Other than preparations for wedding festivities…..Tucker has started putting contests at the golf course with his dad and friends. We are doing anything we can to take his mind off the upcoming therapy at Brooks Rehab in Jacksonville.  After dancing the night away, at the wedding reception, Tucker feels he is totally healed.  We knew this day would come!  Rehab has started again and we are facing a tough, emotional battle with our choice to continue at Brooks.  Tucker does not seem to be bonding with the therapists and is sad every day…..all day!!  I’m not sure if this is the right decision for us, but we must give it a solid try.  However, he IS looking forward to giving his testimony at church on Sunday.  Once again, I am nervous that he is pushing himself too hard! Wrong again!!  He rose to occasion and did a marvelous job!
The day of the wedding….”Did my eye open?  Oh well, all in due time.”

“A heart stopping moment for Todd and me as we sat there, facing our three boys, in complete awe of God’s amazing blessing!”

“I don’t think Tucker missed a dance the night of the wedding reception”

Hind sight is 20/20……Therapy is a must during the first year, possibly 2 years, after a brain injury like Tucker’s.  The point that we must stay mindful of…..”if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t force it”!  Tucker’s complete cooperation and state of mind are also important to the healing process.  We chose a route for his follow up therapy that was not working.  I think it is critical to the patient to make sure they are on board with their therapy.  It doesn’t mean that the facility isn’t incredible,  It just means, it may not be for everyone.  We were very lucky to figure it out quickly, before Tucker fell into a depression.  The first 3 months went very smoothly for us, but we chose to move back home.  Now we must find the best therapists for Tucker’s continued healing and happiness.