Week 14: We are thankful for every moment of every day!

IMG_2367Tucker begins the week with a workout, lunch with Dad and some putting practice.   It’s hard to imagine that the accident was 3 months ago.  It’s a very big week.   Tucker will spend Saturday  with his big brother in Savannah for a groomsmen lunch and there’s the added bonus of seeing his beloved Weezy again, the adorable pit bull that lives with Travis now.   Sunday will be our first time back to our home church followed by an eventful Monday where NBC Sports will finish filming a special segment on Tucker for the PGA year end special.  Todd’s birthday is also Monday and Tucker was the first to deliver a Happy Birthday text message at 12:34am. Tucker is doing so much better with his thirst, it’s much improved and more manageable.  He’s practicing his best man toast and we want this coming wedding weekend to bring him much joy. We know the excitement is a lot for him and he can at times become overwhelmed.

“Don’t be surprised if you see Tucker and he has his hands clasped in prayer!! It happens all the time no matter where he is!”

“He is so very thankful every moment of every day that he is here with us.  We are very blessed that this is how Tucker’s brain is healing. Many brain injury patients become agitated and angry, with outbursts…not Tuck!”

“Tucker woke this morning and told Todd and I that he was soooo excited to go to church! HE even laughed and asked if we ever thought we would hear that from one of our kids!!”
We would not have made it this far if it had not been for the support of our family and friends!! I cannot express this enough!  With the pending wedding and the reality of being home…..they have all helped to make the transition wonderful.   It is incredible to be home and the familiarity helps the memories return.  Tucker wakes up with a new memory every day!  There is no place like home!!