Week 13: God is healing our son and taken hold of his heart

Pic of SEC game

This week found the Andersons settling into their new normal.  Tucker, Todd and Travis were able to celebrate Alabama’s SEC victory in Atlanta and Stacey headed to Savannah to help Cori move into her and Travis’ new home.  While Stacey missed her “sidekick”, she was forever humbled by the knowledge that life can change in an instant.  This understanding only highlights the blessings and miracles God has granted.
Once home, Stacy Boot Camp has begun and Tucker has been meeting with his many therapists and exceeding every ones’ expectations. He is so driven and stubborn.  He has even taught Stacey another lesson.  While overjoyed and grateful with Tuckers progress, Stacey became overwhelmed by real life and found herself having a much needed good cry.  Tucker interrupted her.   He responded to her tears by asking if he could pray for her.  This was all she needed to pull herself together and get ready for the next few weeks.  The Andersons are not only readying themselves for Christmas but for Travis and Cori’s wedding, which was fast approaching.  All this happened before lunch and the rest of the day was blessed with earthly angels.  Todd and Stacey had lunch with a precious friend that was instrumental in Tuckers wonderful care and then returned home to a house full of amazing women that were scurrying about cleaning and decorating for Christmas complete with a great dinner.  The day ended with the Andersons sitting at home surrounded by their dogs, Todd talking and laughing and their precious miracle cracking everyone up with his antics.  He has talked more in the past six weeks than he did in nineteen years.

Thursday, Stacey and Tucker headed to Jacksonville to meet with his new neurologist.  He was very optimistic that he could help Tucker meet his goals.  God has not only been present every moment he has also gotten hold of Tucker’s heart.  It is such a blessing to watch his confidence in our Heavenly Father.   He prays with such abandonment, knowing his prayers will be answered.  The Andersons returned home to Stacey’s parents who arrived to prepare for the wedding and stay for Christmas.  A perfect ending to another wonderful