Week 12: Tucker’s first virus

photo5The Andersons began the week bolstered by a wonderful family and fun filled Thanksgiving weekend.  Monday brought both good and bad news.  Tucker is strong enough to ditch the wheelchair.  Unfortunately, Tucker has caught a virus and running a fever.  It is so important to get through this first virus and fever without a relapse or any complications.  It has also been a very emotional time with the goal to get home so very close.  Stacey has been thankful for Todd’s presence this week and his calming influence not only on her but Tucker as well.  God’s blessings are evident and on Tuesday Tuckers’ fever broke.  This lead the way for the day everyone has been waiting and praying for-Tucker is going home!

The Andersons left Shepherd on Wednesday full of gratitude and emotion.  So very thankful for their care and reflecting on the tremendous progress Tucker had made since arriving in Atlanta, it was very hard not to be overwhelmed by the knowledge that God had once again worked wonderful miracles. While the future is uncertain, everyone was aware and thankful for the biggest gift of all, the gift of life.

Stacey, Todd and Tucker arrived home to banners, balloons, their home filled with dear friends and a welcome home dinner with all of Tuckers favorite dishes.  The saying, “There’s no place like home”, has never been truer.  We all feel so happy and content to be home but especially Tucker who is constantly grinning and saying, “It’s so good to be home and in my own bed.”