Week 11: Thanksgiving, a whole new meaning this year!

Week 11Tucker is dedicated to making the most out of every day. With staples out, his incision is looking better every day, earning him hair washings from Mom. “Normal” life things like this and an outing to shop for jeans, a dinner date with mom and grandma started resembling old times. Ups and downs are ever present, however. The morning after the dinner date, Tucker woke up with slurred speech and struggled with energy throughout therapy. Back up he goes the next morning…….great speech and good movement in his facial muscles. To top that, he was released from orthopedic care of his neck fracture. It has remained stable with no change from the original shift.

“Another day closer to home!” Mom and grandma were over the moon sitting in on a whole day of Tucker’s therapy, which doesn’t happen often at Pathways. Stacey would really REALLY  like to be more involved in knowing what Tucker is working on with each therapist so it can continue over Thanksgiving break. “No rest for the weary!” But for the rest of us she says ““Rest up everyone and count our blessings” as they are headed to Todd’s brother and sister in laws house for the holiday.

Thanksgiving has a whole new meaning for the Andersons this year! They urge all their supporters to dig through trials and tribulations of life and find something in life to be thankful,” with only one shot at this life on earth……make it worth it!” Leave it to Tucker to want to revisit friends at Shepherd on his way to spend time with family during this holiday……that entertaining personality was shining as he shared hugs, fist pumps, conversation and smiles with former therapists and nurses. Seeing Tucker make these kind of leaps and bounds strengthen their faith like nothing else!