Week 1: Get through 72 hours

Week 1All brain injuries are different.   There is no timeline that doctors can give us, only little steps in the right direction.  Random movements are good, but we need purposeful movement, response to pain and commands….. most important, open your eyes!

By the 2nd day, Tucker has given the nurse a thumbs up on command.  Inconsistent response to commands continue throughout the week.  He had movement in all of his extremities. Tucker is extremely agitated by the ventilator tube down his throat, but is unable to protect his airway. He removed the tube, even though he has restraints, and aspirated into his lungs.  The staff assures us that, even though this is a set-back, it is encouraging that he has purposeful movement and strength.  After 72 hours, the doctors are fairly certain that the brain bleeds are stable….excellent news!! It looks like our little guy is here for the long haul. Decisions are made to put in a trac, less agitation, we are preparing for the long battle back!!

“This long road to recovery will be 2 steps forward and 1 step back”,  must try to remember that!!

“Come back to us Tucker……come back”

“Every visitation our hopes are high…….as hard as you try to protect your heart, you just can’t help yourself”

Watching this strong, beautiful, young man fight for his life….how could we crumble when he was so strong.  Fighting through fever spikes, aspiration pneumonia and the coma was balanced by the positive moves Tucker had made.  We had been warned several times to be patient during this marathon of a recovery.  Setting up the Caring Bridge was essential to keep everyone informed, prayers coming and eliminate the many phone calls. It’s encouraging to read the posts and words of love from everyone….we were not alone!  I kept a personal journal during the early weeks.  I think it saved me!! In order to stay strong, I could fall apart in my personal journal.  We were all afraid that if one person started to cry, it would be contagious and we would never get through this.  We all loved on Tuck, stayed strong with words of encouragement and humor.  Those were the times we had the best responses from him.  Prayers covered Tuck during every visit.