March Summary: Pass the 6 Month Mark


Well, we have passed the 6 month mark. I have dreaded the 6 month mark, like I was going to wake up and realize that Tuck’s life had changed…..forever!

Guess what….. It did, and he has a wonderful, precious life that we are all eternally grateful for! Nothing bad happened, just a continual, steady flow of good days.

Tucker’s balance continues to improve daily. His weight is back to a healthy level, his speech is slowly improving and he is told he is easier to understand. His right eye is giving him fits, but it is improving! The pupil is still fully dilated, but is almost in alignment. Unfortunately, the double vision has become very tough. He sees two of everything and the objects almost overlap…..very difficult to tell which the real object is. Every time I think he is becoming frustrated, he smiles and tells me that this is a good sign, the eye is healing! He makes it all so easy. Still continuing to remember to give God all the glory!

The date of Tucker’s baptism is fast approaching and he is thrilled! It’s wonderful to have great events to look forward to! His brother and new sister will be in town got the event and then all the kids will be home for Easter! Good stuff!!

Tucker has started working with an English Teacher from his old school.  She is precious and Tucker is thrilled to be working with her, even if he doesn’t love English!!  He has moved on to Calculus with his Math Tutor…..Good Job!!

We were at a gathering this weekend and someone (that never knew Tucker, only his story) asked me if he had been bitter during his recovery. It makes me realize how blessed we all are. Not only is Tuck with us today, he has a sweet and joyous soul. He still has his emotional moments by the end of a long day, but it’s never a result of his situation. Social occasions can still be a little difficult, but it won’t get better if we don’t continue to try. Brain injuries can leave you without a filter. Oh yes……Tuck is without a filter. I sometimes hold my breath; never quite sure what will come next! He cracks me up, but his dry wit can be unyielding at times!! Now this is where his sadness comes in. I pick my moments, but need to address these issues…..he always feels terrible! I assure him…..Not the end of the world…..but we are working on it. We all keep our sense of humor and try to keep our eyes and ears attentive, but heed my warning, he could unknowingly strike. 🙂

We are working on having the blood clot screen taken out, it was put in during Tucker’s coma and it has been brought to our attention that we should act on this now instead of later. I dread every procedure, but know that God did not bring him this far to let anything go wrong now!!

Surprising news…..Tucker will be dropping down to two days a week with his Physical Therapist. He feels Tucker is a month or two away from ending his therapy. They feel it will be more important for Tucker to step-up his weekly work outs with a trainer at the gym. Tucker was thrilled. More normalcies!! The gym rat is returning to one of his favorite places, second only to the golf course!!

Spring is in the air and we can feel the energy! Tuck’s oldest brother and wife are headed home this weekend. We are all thrilled! Tucker will be baptized on Sunday. Yeah!! He gets emotional just talking about it!

Amazing Day…….amazing day! That sums it up! Tucker was baptized this morning. I wish I could post a picture of his face when he came up out of the water, precious!!! And so is our sweet friend that took the wonderful pictures! Our oldest son, our daughter in law, many of their friends and many of our friends were in attendance to witness Tuck’s commitment to our Lord! It was a sight I will never forget. I’m so happy for him and his outlook on life. I know he has great things in store for him and the more he heals and is able to handle social situations, the more he will be able to change lives. He is anxious to get on with his life!
Now I will back up…… When the doctors said that Tucker’s recovery would be 1-2 years, I thought about the physical rehab, never did it occur to me “the emotional”! Guilt…..God has given Tucker a spirit filled with love, forgiveness and wisdom beyond explanation. However, he is not as forgiving of himself. A very wise woman gave me an important piece of advice, early in this journey. She has worked with brain injury most of her life. At the time, our family was thinking of postponing our oldest son’s wedding. She urged us to reconsider, on the premise that “Tucker would have enough guilt to deal with, coming out of his coma, don’t heap this onto his plate”! Wise words!! Tucker has much guilt about the change and effect he has had on his family’s lives! What he fails to realize…..the immense joy he gives daily. I pray that Tucker will begin to understand that he has not changed our lives for the worse, but the BEST! Just hearing his footsteps every morning and seeing his sweet smile……it doesn’t get much better, does it? That’s not really a question! :)
Enjoy this precious week before Easter! Have a Blessed week!! I know I will!
Appointment with Doctors about removal of the blood clot screen.  We are anxious to get this behind us and thankful that a local doctor will take our case.  One more milestone gone……between us and complete recovery.  We are ready!!!!

As Tuck says, “be happy for every day you are alive”!  Now that just sums it all up!!

“God give us all strength and help us find peace in the midst of heartbreak”.

“Thrilling times ahead…..we can hardly wait to give back, with our Foundation and Fundraisers!!  Go Tuck!!”

In the midst of our trials and heartache, we have had breakthroughs!! We hope to be able to give back……even if it’s just a little of what we have received.   We will work to change and help lives of those affected by injury or illness.  We are thankful for our journey!!