February Summary: Count Your Blessings


I hope I focus on my many blessings, every day, for the rest of my life. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget that everyday is a gift and your family and friends are a true blessing. It is amazing to watch the impact of “being loved and cared for by many”!! Tucker has brought so much joy to Todd and my lives these last few months and to watch the impact he has had on so many others, with his love of life, has been precious. It is equally amazing to watch the impact that others have had on Tucker, through their love and support!!
We have assembled our new therapy team. I’m beginning to think that our eclectic approach to therapy is working wonders. It’s great to get fresh ideas and different learning styles. We have two physical therapists, two speech therapists and a math tutor.

Tucker has enjoyed being home and all the benefits it lends… Dinners with friends, movies and days on the golf course.

It takes a village to raise a child….this village has been amazing and we are reaping the benefits!

A dear friend picked Tuck up to ride around and greet old friends and fellow competitors playing in the Jones Cup Invitational. I thought it would be difficult for Tucker to watch his fellow competitors play, knowing he may never be out there again. Not so…he was thrilled to see them and cheer them on. He has a precious heart.
It is amazing to watch Tucker’s faith unfold every day. I was off my game and having a terrible day. After many mishaps and mistakes, I climbed into the truck to head for our next appointment and Tucker grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s pray”! Who can be in a grumpy mood with that around? I will say that the rest of my day shaped up, not my best performance, but much better.

Tucker’s right eye continues to improve every day (snails pace), but the double vision is starting to give him fits. He has to tilt his head to walk or read! He sees two of everything, but said he aims for the one that’s not blurry. I can’t imagine!! Yet, his spirits remain happy! We don’t see the giant milestones anymore, but see small improvements every week. I say small, yet they are amazing to us! He has started chipping and putting with his dad on the golf course.

I hesitated to write this post…..but it ends so well and shows God’s unending wisdom and comfort!!
My humanity rears its ugly head at the most in opportune times! Well, lets face it……it’s NEVER a good time!
Do not know why today was a hard day…..life I guess, paperwork, daily tasks, coming down with a cold, blah, blah, blah……!! It just took me to negative-town today! Tuck and I returned home from therapy, he was his usual sweet self AND I was not!! I proceeded to sew a button on a jacket. Really?? I chose this time to tackle this task?? When I was finished, I noticed that I I had stitched the button on in the wrong color thread and I started to cry! I laugh just thinking about it now!! It’s rediculous, none the less, it happened!! I had messed up numerous tasks ALL day and this was the straw that broke the camels back!! Tuck had walked into my room and caught me wiping away a tear. Darn!!!!! He never asked a question, just took both of my hands in his and bowed his head. He didn’t even pray out loud, silently…..to himself! When he lifted his head, he hugged me, then walked away. I am truly living in the presence of a “Miracle of God”! I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders as he walked away, took a deep breath and grabbed a black Sharpie Pen…… Proceeded to color the silly blue thread on my jacket!!! Ha…. Take that!!! Turn all these menial tasks over to God, he will handle it all!! Oh yea…….and remember to take my cold medicine tomorrow . :)
I love you Tuck! Thank you God!

Tucker still has bad days, where he seems to be a little off his game, Slurred speech, mental fatigue and some sadness. Luckily, these days are few and far between. It doesn’t make it any easier or any less scary when they happen. The next day….he’s back to his ole self. I will never understand all the ins and outs of brain injury and the healing process…..just patience and faith!

Big Day!!!! Tucker is able to pucker his lips and move them from left to right. It’s funny the little things that thrill us now. He has also started hand writing. It’s not easy with the double vision and his right hand aches after a few short sentences. It is thrilling to find new tasks to conquer and Tucker is up for the challenge.
Tucker called the pastor of our church (all on his own) and asked if he could be baptized again. He wants to re-commit his life to God. He is so thankful that God saved him. He is an inspiration to me daily. Even through sickness and the hard times that life dishes out, Tucker remains steadfast in his dedication and radiates joy! We are forever grateful and thankful that God has touched our son’s heart!

Much needed vacation is scheduled. All of the therapists agree that he may need a little R&R. He is feeling ill and could use a little change up and a visit with old friends from Florida. Off we go!

Yes….. This trip was an excellent idea! I need to share a funny story! Early on a friend told Tucker he needed to come up with a great story to tell about the scar on his head. Through the months, the story has grown, new details are added each time the story is told. Well, he has perfected the story …… A poor soul in a store took Tuck seriously!! As I’m listening to the story, both Tuck and I have big grins on our faces. I looked over and noticed the listener was truly disturbed. Ok…… Tuck and I obviously have too much time on our hands. I informed the poor soul that Tuck was jerking his chain! You see, the story goes like this…… Tucker was on a trip to visit his brother in Colorado, they were hiking when a bear attacked them. Tuck took a hit to the head with the bear’s claw. Tuck took the bear down with his bare hands!! Then I jump in with, “where’s that bear now”? Tuck replies, with a large grin, “he’s a rug on my floor now”! Ok , no more vacation for Tuck and I for a while!!!

“Mamma said there’d be days like this!”

My humanity rears its ugly head at the most in opportune times! Well, lets face it….it’s never a good time!

I am truly living in the presence of a “Miracle of God”!

Never knowing why things happen in our lives or when, can be unsettling. We have chosen to trust God with our lives and the lives of our children. Unfortunately, our son is better at it than we are…..we are working on it!!