Day 1: Every parents worst nightmare

September 7, 2012

Tucker before the accidentEvery parents worst nightmare…..the phone rings, “your son has been in a very serious accident! We will do all we can”. At that point, you are in survival mode. We prayed immediately that God would save our son and give us strength. Getting to our child was all we could think of and we needed to call our other sons. Remain Calm!! Phone calls were made to a parent from each side, which started the phone tree. Transportation arrangements were made for us and details ironed out to get our other children to us. It felt like days, but it was only hours before we bridged the 7 hours between Tucker, Todd and I. The first 24 hours are critical to Tucker’s survival – we need stable vitals and no additional bleeds on the brain

“Is our son alive? What are his injuries?” reply – “You need to hurry!”

“Oh God, please don’t let another child be injured in this accident”

“I don’t want my son to hear me cry”

We gathered our strength from God, our family and friends. That first hour is paralyzing and we would not have made it through if the caravan of cars had not pulled up in the driveway. Let them come…….let them help!!! What do you need packed, what phone calls can we make, how will you reach your child? Transportation arrangements were made, clothes packed, our pets were taken care of….off we went into the unknown.